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Airtel Broadband is giving free installation for new broadband connection in Delhi. All you need to do is pay advance rental for 3 months. Currently they are giving upto 1TB for additional data for a year with ₹899 & above plans.

For business users Airtel got the cheapest static ipv4 charges of ₹99 per month.

For home users if one bundle DTH n postpaid mobile connection with Broadband then 10GB additional data could availed on Broadband connection.

Airtel is providing wired broadband with Adsl/Vdsl/FTTH technology in India. While FTTH is available in few business/elite areas. Most coverage is on Adsl/Vdsl  now.

Airtel provides unlimited local/std calls with most of the plans. However one can also avail it via ₹99 topup.  In Delhi Mtnl it’s nearest competitor gives unlimited local/std calls for plan above Rs.1999 only & for local only for plan above ₹1299.

Airtel increased data quota on it’s plan 899 is six times of what it was offering 1year back from 10GB to 60GB now.
All this due to fierce competition of cable isp prviders like Excitel, ACT, DEN n Hathway.
Even after the revision Airtel is still the costliest among major isps in Delhi.
However thanks to it’s reliability n retention plan most people don’t churn away easily from Airtel Broadband.