Amazon prime sale is on from 5pm on 10 July. Best Deal is Rs.3999 Fie stick in just Rs.2999 only. Ofcourse the 500 more cashback if you already got prime. If not then free prime for full one year for unlimited video streaming.

Checkout Fire Stick on

Amazon fire is better than chromocast as you a bluetooth remote control free. Android phone is not must still you can play your favourite youtube videos on fire stick from android phone.

Device is seriously stable. Not like chromecast which loses sync with Android phone every now & then.

Another flaw is privacy. You stream anything on chromecast & all android devices connected to that wifi network get streaming notification in their phone.

Plus no amazon prime direct stream on chromecast. Yet youtube is available on Fire stick.

Price under this offer is cheaper than chromecast so no reason not to buy fire stick now. Check the link above.