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If you are looking to reduce the charging time of your EV car by more than 50% then get a 7.5kw ev car charger. Don’t worry it won’t ruin your battery life in long term.

7.5kw AC charger are technically considered slow charger only. They are used to provide AC current to your vehicle which uses onboard converter to convert it to dc current. So the question arises ….

Why are normal ev cars given only 3.3kw chargers only if 7.5kw ac chargers are slow only? Answer to that is most of housing wires are apt for 3.3kw charger and ev manufacturer think that 3.3kw charger comes handy for any where you can get a 16Amp plug. So any hotel you stay mostly have 16Amp socket ready in parking or it doen’t cost much to upgrade it.

While for 7.5kw one need heavy duty wires to carry additional load along with higher load request to electricity co. That’s why Tata give it as option for extra 50k+ while MG provide it free for only its MG ZS EV not Comet.

Still you can get 7.5kw from market for 7.5kw installation or if you need one more installation at office or different place. All these 7.5kw ac chargers are compatible with Tata Nexon Ev, Tigor ev, Tiago ev , MG ZS ev or BYD atto 3 or e6, Kia EV6 , Hyundai Ionic 5 or kona etc.

However before before installing a 7.5 or 7.2 or 7kw charger do note these things before you buy one:

  • Make sure you have load increase request given to electricity board.
  • If your electric wire from pole is old and is less than 6-8mm then you have to get that replaced with 10mm wires else it can risk existing wires to fire.
  • Also you have to replace the wire from your 7.2kw charging point to meter board with 6mm wire.

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