According to Jio customer care executive Jio won’t refund you anything for advance rental paid on a postpaid fiber connection even if you cancel it the next day or next month or before half term. This policy change has happened for any cancellation done after 20th April 2023 even for connection taken before that date. Even when you were promised pro-rate deduction while opting for a new postpaid connection before that date as Jio can change policy anytime according to terms and conditions you agreed to.

Previously Jio use to refund its fiber customers on pro rate basis with minimum of 1 month rental deduction, which according to old policy if you used you connection for less than 30 days then min 30days rental use to be deducted however for more than 30days usage refund would be on pro rata basis. Unfortunately that policy is no more in existence.

Jio is giving away free router and installation on payment of 6 month advance rental of any of it’s postpaid fiber connections. Recently Jio launched its 199 backup plan which is only for new customers. Maybe Jio wants to lower the cancellation of existing fiber users who would cancel and opt for this backup connection.

Airtel on the other hand still refund user on pro rata basis for any advance rental fiber broadband plans.