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This is a long term review of 2019 model MARQ inverter AC brought from flipkart in 2019 itself. This AC is currently installed in a 130sq ft room at ground floor of the house without any window or direct sunlight.

Installation of this AC was done by jeeves team the official installation team of flipkart. As you can see this marq 1 ton ac was ordered in 2019 from screenshot below.

AC installation was booked by jeeves automatically and was installed by jeeves after 2-3 days who did called before a day to ask when to install. I read about vacuuming the pipes during installation in marq AC installation guide itself so when installation guy called I asked hime to bring compressor along else I won’t install from them.

So they did bring it and did vacuum during installation as per my wish. Though they did not wrap the pipes with wrapping tape provided with AC itself as I was unaware about it then, means installation team only do these extra task if only they are asked to do so.

I paid ₹1650 at that time and was provided pdf invoice too via sms. For Outdoor unit stand I purchased from after market before they arrived and that was installed by them without any extra charge. They did charge me ₹250 for removals of old indoor AC unit and its hanging plate.

My guess is this MARQ AC at that time was made in China by some generic kit as same remote of this AC can be seen with Midea AC & Carrier AC too during that period. That said remote has very good range so works even if you vaguely point towards AC. There is a temperature display on ac which clearly shows temp. but not very bright during night to disturb sleep.

This MARQ 1 ton AC is a 3 star AC with maximum consumption of 1110w of power. Through a smart plug I have checked that it can run at lowest rating of 350w approx after which the compressor turns off contrary to what everyone says that compressor in inverter ac never turns off. This Marq AC has cooling capacity of 3517W which is a perfect 1ton AC and at lower power according to our estimates this AC consumes 450W for 50% cooling capacity of 1760W.

On cooling side its super quick for the small room and cools the 130sq ft room to 25degrees in 10-15mins & with turbo mode the same room can be brought to 24degrees in mere 5mins. AC is working perfectly for 5th year without any degradation of cooling power. In these 5 years wet cleaning service was missed once during 2020 lockdown when only outdoor unit was washed with piped water and indoor filter were cleaned by me.

This AC had 1 year comprehensive and 5yrs compressor warranty then. The latest models have 10yearcompressor warranty but no extended PCB warranty then and even now.

This is a non-convertible AC model so can’t comment on convertible part of 1 ton AC currently available on Flipkart. Also current models are made in India by Amber Enterprises which also manufactures for Whirlpool, Godrej and cruise AC. This 1 ton model currently available on Flipkart has almost same cooling power and wattage as mine with added power savings of convertible mode.

After considering the bank discount and considering the inflation in last 2 years this AC price has nominally increased in my opinion. So still worth considering for approx 100sq ft room.