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In India always AC capacity is given in tonnage which is a wide range measurement of cooling capacity. For ease of use it does come handy. However for exact measurement its better we check the cooling capacity of the AC given in detailed description by service provider or you can read on ISEER rating Label by BEE India.

Lets compare how much each ton of AC and how much cooling capacity it should have.

  • 1 TON AC = 3519W of cooling capacity (12000BTU)
  • 1.2TON AC = 4223W of cooling capacity (14400BTU)
  • 1.5 TON AC = 5279W of cooling capacity (18000BTU)
  • 2 TON AC = 7038W of cooling Capacity (24000BTU)

So any AC with less than 5250W of cooling capacity can’t be considered a 1.5Ton of AC. Similarly atleast 3500W cooling capacity is a must for 1 ton AC. And 7000W is a must for a 2 TON of AC.